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:: On meeting Jodi Picoult ::

What can I say? She was just like I thought she would be.
Warm, wonderful, funny, and by observation, she is a
 very caring and compassionate person. I love that.

We really lucked out too - we were one of the first to buy tickets
to see her and you lined up in order of your ticket number for her
to take pictures with you and to autograph your book{s}.
That's right, we were number 3 and 4. It was perfect.

We also brought with us a small gift we bought for her from
the SIS international shop here locally, originally made in Africa.

 It's a fair trade store, and it's the perfect gift! It's based on her
newest book she's promoting called "Leaving Time" a small, but
 quite heavy elephant. Isn't it cute? She loved it! We were quite happy!

So, I get to check off one for the Bucket list, and even better, my friend and I traveled up to Chicago to see her, then spent the rest of the 2 days shopping our hearts out! We got an early start on our Christmas shopping!  We hit the Aurora outlet mall, and best of all, we went to IKEA! I love that store! And, I found so many cute presents! The drive up was beautiful and colorful and relaxing... just what we needed!

Well, have a safe and Happy Halloween
I have lots to do to get ready for all of my trick-or-treaters tonight! Happy weekend to you!

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