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What I am really looking forward to this weekend...

A road trip! Yup! Making it a three day weekend getaway. I need it. It will be a great chance to wander through old shops with camera in hand, do some really good hiking in woods set ablaze by the colors, enjoy bonfires that reach late into the night with drinks and good conversations with strangers and vigorous indoor swims, relaxing after in the hot tub and getting a great massage. Practicing some yoga in a serene setting, and time to draw and/or read my book, snack wisely and enjoy some delicious meals. This is going to be a restful and reflective time for me. Time to once again look inward and make some decisions about much needed changes.

I just love picking out new Halloween cards every year. This has really picked back up. For a while, no one was sending this cards, but, happily they have made a revival! And, I for one couldn't be happier! They are as lovely to get as to give.

Gathering and collecting all the wonderful things you can find in nature, from all the beautiful colored leaves, to plants, to nuts, to reeds, to gourds, mushrooms, their is so much bounty in nature. I love to collect it, then go home and decorate with it! I'ts a wonderful way to bring nature indoors and make your home lovely.

What fall plans are you making this month? I'd love to hear about them.

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