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:: 30 Days of Gratitude ::

One way to inspire writing in people, or even children - is through focused journals. Like a diary of a vacation, a memory book about a special friend or family member, or reflections on a season or holiday. Today, I’d like to encourage you and your friends and family to keep a 30 days of gratitude journal.


Is everyone at home, at work, and in life in general, wearing you down with their constant and useless bickering and squabbling? Are tempers flaring? Do you find yourself long on complaints and short on compliments?

Then, you, like me,  may be in need of an attitude makeover, and November—this most “thankful” of months—makes a perfect time to cultivate some gratitude,  not only in yourself, but also your friends and family.

Many people are taking the opportunity to journal every day about the things that they are thankful for. These journalings go by different names, some are called 'Thankful Journals',  but they all serve the same purpose: To count our blessings and record them. It’s a way to purposefully acknowledge our gratitude for those things, both large and small.

Plan Your Journal

When I say “journal,”  I’m only asking for a sentence {or two or three}.

First, you will need to decide how to record your thoughts. Each person needs an outlet—and the choices are many!

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Notebook. Keep a daily journal in a something as elegant as a leather diary or as simple as a spiral notebook.

Blog. Record your journal online, if you have a blog.

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Journal Jar. Scribble your thanks on scraps of paper 
and store them in a mason jar or small box.

Instead of keeping a traditional gratitude journal,
create a 365 daily calendar that you update each year
with one thing for which you are grateful.
Each year adds another layer of thankfulness
and allows you to savor your past. 

A 365 box filled with cards. 
{In case you would like to continue this project well past November}

Next, choose a name for your Thanksgiving gratitude project. Here are a few ideas:

My Gratitude Journal
30 Days of Gratitude
My Thankful Project
My Thankful Box
All I Am Thankful for
Counting my Blessings

Think it over. What makes you thankful? At first, the obvious will pop into your minds: Food, family, friends, faith. But I would encourage you to look for hidden, unexpected, or less obvious things too, such as the smell of clean hair, hugs from a loved one, a warm bed, a kind deed.

Write Them Down

Younger children can write one thing every day. Older children and adults can write five things you’re grateful for. Each note, whether it is brief or lengthy, should be personally meaningful. And, if need be during your day, use your smart phone to talk into and record all those little kindnesses and things you notice along the way-it will help for later when you want to jot down your thankfuls in your book.

Make It Personal

If you want you, and your children can make your journal or box even more personal by including quotations, Bible verses, hand drawn pictures, or even photographs. This can be a simple, or, as elaborate and you wish to make it.

Keep your gratitude journal for the entire month of November—or at least through Thanksgiving. With everyone’s hearts and minds turned toward giving thanks and recording their daily blessings, things are apt to be much more pleasant, and of course a more grateful attitude and an air of acceptance will be the outcome. In not only yourself, but those around you as well who participate in this challenge.

I hope you’ll join me! If you complete a thankful/gratitude journal this month,  let me know!

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