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:: Best Burgers Ever ::

For no reason at all, I have my mind set on a burger. Not just any burger, but a really good one, like the kind they serve at Uno in Wisconsin Dells. Why, or why did I take so many pictures of our food there? I guess just to torture myself later, because... I really have them on my mind right now. Here are a few choice pics from The Dells, and more precisely Uno's.

I totally love these burgers from Uno 

Of course, I'm pretty partial to their 
Margaritas as well...

But, even away from home...
you'll find a piece of Chicago

Steak, fries, roasted vegetables
and bread sticks...

BBQ, Bacon double Cheeseburger
and fries, and a pickle of course...

Double Cheeseburger with the
works and fries and a pickle 

Like I said, this one is weird.
Downtown Wisconsin Dells
One day, I will have to check
this place out for sure.

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