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Enrich what does that word mean to you? To me, it's about making the most of my experiences, my relationships, and the opportunities I was given this year. I will choose not only to make the time to connect with friends and family but, also to nurture those relationships. I will create meaningful memories for my family. I will spend more time outdoors tending to my garden, and also create a more cozy space where we can entertain both family and friends.  I will take more time to shop for groceries and experiment with new recipes,  I will continue to pursue my passions like photography, pretty things, and writing. I will seek out opportunities to combine these passions with my professional pursuits. I will continue to schedule time for daily exercise that I enjoy. And, lastly, I will try to curb my night owl ways and get more sleep. I could sure use it! Yes. November then,  will be the month that I choose to enrich my relationships with the people that I love, and bring a deeper meaning to all that I do.

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