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This is a little hard to explain, but I'll try: In my bedroom, there are several windows which face east, the sun shines quite brightly through them every morning. But, while lying in bed, I noticed that through my side window, there was a strange pink and yellowish light. It was a perfect small square. I mean, a perfect square. Odd.

It appeared to be, hovering. Fascinated, I arose but when I did, the reflection shifted, then, it disappeared. So, I climbed back into my warm bed. Then I turned around out of curiosity... and wouldn't you know it? It was back again. Except, this time the light had intensified a lot. It was fuchsia mixed with bright gold.
This time, I just watched it. And, it watched me.

What is it? An entrance? An exit? A window into another place... another time? Well, we shall never know as it has entirely disappeared along with the rising sun. Do you think it's still there? Following me around the house, only, it's so bright, that I just can't see it anymore? Hmmmm......

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