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Fall is such a pretty season, chock full of such simple splendor, it's really too bad that it doesn't last longer, don't you think? I do, but then, it's my favorite season of all I think. Or, do I say that about every season? Sometimes, I can hardly believe how awe-inspiring nature can be. There are moments when I look around and I'll notice something that seems especially beautiful. Often it has to do with the way the light is falling...glimmers of a setting sun shining though the clouds...or the sun's rays softly illuminating the trees, sending sparkly bits of light through the leaves as they flutter in the breeze. Or, just how colorful the leaves have become, like I've never seen such vibrant color before. And with my camera in hand, I try to capture the beauty of the moment.
Anyway, a week or so ago, I thought I'd take a few photos of some of the pretty, vibrant leaves outside my window before fall said farewell. Within days, the weather took a turn for the worst and the wind came, whisking all that color down to the ground. 

It seems like once the leaves fade away and Halloween has come and gone, my mind tends to skip right over Thanksgiving and right on towards Christmas. Maybe it's because it's my favorite holiday...I don't know. At any rate, all of the things that I want to do for the season start popping into my head and I start making plans. Because it's such a busy time of year, most of them never actually become a reality, but it's nice to dream a little, right? And, I know, every year I say I'm going to do more of what I want to do, but you know what? Every year I do get a little more me time in there don't I? So there. 

I'm already thinking about my Christmas color scheme and whatnot and have made a few purchases with it in mind. Last year I went with neutrals, so this year I'm leaning towards red and white...maybe a Scandinavian type thing. Do you have any plans in the works yet?

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