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:: Finally, the weekend ::

I’m so happy the weekend is here. After a week of cold and dreary weather, 
I am ready for a little sunshine. This week I was really looking forward to all
the fun and creative things on my to-do list, here are a few:

Saturday morning yoga class {To recharge}
shop for presents at the craft fair {More getting ahead!}
sip on flavored Chai tea lattes {For instant total satisfaction}
cut beautiful images out of magazines {For my Vision Board}
paint my nails a new romantically dark color {like OPI Affair in Red Square}
make a fun cd for a new friend {Can't believe she's never heard of these!}
choose my gift for the ornament exchange {Coming up quick}
work on my blog, catch up on my reading {Only 2 weeks left to read my book}
respond to emails {I'm pretty good at keeping up with this daily}
cook a yummy dinner {I should say that's a normal everyday occurrence}
soak in the tub and relax {Ohhhh... yes!}
shop for new jeans and winter boots {Can a girl have too many boots?}
breathe {have I ever forgotten to do this yet?} No, really, breathe, relax...
listen to new podcasts {loving this. Especially the health ones}
clean my house {Really, my house is clean-I keep up daily...}
reorganize my creative art space {There has got to be a way to see it all better}
think about holiday decorations {I want to make lots of stuff myself this year}

It brings me so much joy to know my weekend plans are full of opportunities for creativity. 
Even though clean my house is on the list—there are many other fun things planned. 
And, besides, if I keep up as best I can all week there isn't as much to have to do when the weekend gets here.
What creative to-dos are on your list for the weekend? 

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