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:: How to get through the day a little bit easier ::

1. Count your blessings. Really. And don't forget to write them in your new gratitude journal! But, seriously,  choose to focus on the positive aspects of life rather than the negative. You will quickly discover there is always, always, something to be grateful for.
2. Carry a smile. A smile is a wonderful beautifier. You can actually program yourself to experience happiness by choosing to smile. No kidding, Not only that, but, all the beautiful smiles you’ll receive in return is guaranteed to increase your happiness level.
3. Speak daily affirmations into your life. Affirmations are positive thoughts accompanied with affirmative beliefs and personal statements of truth. They are a wonderful way to improve your day. Here is a list of 100 daily affirmations to help you get started.
4. Start your day on your terms. Most of us do have alarm clocks but that doesn't mean we have to lose control over our whole morning in the process. Wake up just a little bit early and establish a daily routine. You'll love it!
5. Hold back a complaint. The next time you want to lash - don’t. Instead, humbly keep it to yourself. Everyone has bad days, and you’ll experience joy by choosing peace in a difficult situation.
6. Practice one life-improving discipline. It could be bringing lunch to work so you eat healthier, or exercising regularly, whatever your life needs today to continue growing. Find it. Practice it. Enjoy it.
7. Use your God given abilities to their fullest. Each of us have natural talents, strengths, and abilities. And when we use them effectively, we feel alive and comfortable. Our talents help us find joy in our being and happiness in our design. So embrace your strengths and choose to find an outlet for it.
8. Accomplish one important task. Choose one important task that you can accomplish each day, and find joy in your accomplishment.
9. Eat a healthy meal/snack. One simple action to choose happiness today is to eat healthy foods. Your physical body will thank you… and so will your emotional well-being.
10. Treat others well. Everyone wants to be treated kindly. Treat everyone you meet with kindness, patience, and grace. 
11. Meditate. Find time alone in solitude. Take time to make time. And use meditation to search inward, connect spiritually, and improve your happiness today.
12. Search for the silver lining. Life is difficult. Nobody escapes without pain. Choose to look for the benefits that can be found in your trials. There is a lesson to be learned in everything.

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