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:: In just 6 days ::

I've been working on capturing one photo a day along with counting all of my blessing and writing down the many things I have to be thankful for in my daily life. Even though I am just getting started, I love looking at these photographs together. It gives me a really good perspective on life and reminds me just how good things are {even when it seems anything but} When I started this project, I didn't know where it would end up leading me... and I still don't, but what I do know is that it is making me be more present in my life - and it's opening my eyes and showing me all the little things that would otherwise most likely go quite un-noticed. Life goes by quickly enough, there are only 54 days left in this year. It seems that the older I get, the more quickly time moves. Is that true? Or, is it just me? Well, I can tell you this, I love that I am more aware and present in each day. Now, that, is truly a gift for which I am really grateful for. 

So I want to ask:
  • How often do you look at your closet and give thanks for all of your clothes?  
  • How often do you slow down, and chew your food enough to taste all the wonderful flavors of the food you are chewing?  Or, ponder on where it came from? How it got to your table?
  • How often do you stop walking and pause…just to look and appreciate your surroundings?
  • How often do you give thanks for the little things that help to get us through each and every day?
  • How much quiet time do you give yourself during the day to just breathe and take time for rest and quiet meditation?  

No matter, because everyday is a new chance to begin again, but, it is a choice. Your choice. Choose wisely, you deserve it.

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