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:: a little holiday poem ::

Twas mere weeks before Christmas and oh what a sight, as we readied ourselves for a party tonight.
The Tree's all aglow in it's beautiful light, makes me wish I could just stay at home for the night.
There will be so many sweets that I fear I'll get fatter, but, it's Christmas after all, so why does it matter?
Instead, I believe we'll have pizza and beer, that's one way to bring on that holiday cheer!
Then, out in the yard there arose such a racket, I ran for the door, and pulled on my jacket.
There were my neighbors,  all dressed and all ready, after several stiff drinks it was hard to keep steady,
Why, what else are neighbors for if not to give you a ride?,  I'm sick and can't go {I actually lied}  
But, I got to stay home...and just relished the sights, and I had myself a most wonderful night!

Let the holiday season begin....

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