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:: November Intentions ::

This week, I am jotting down some notes to myself in preparation for Christmas.
Honestly, can a person ever be prepped enough? But, anyway, here goes...

So, in November, my goals are:

  1. Decorate for Christmas
  2. Order our Christmas photo cards.
  3. Make a few homemade Christmas gifts.
  4. Start and hopefully, complete all of my Christmas shopping.
  5. Wrap and mail all Christmas gifts and goodie boxes.
  6. Prepare the Christmas cards for mailing in early December.
  7. Tackle some Christmas baking projects {put in freezer}.
  8. Plan the tree trimming party for the weekend after Thanksgiving.
  9. Help plan the cookie exchange ~ this year it's at the coffeehouse!
  10. Attend all the festivals and craft shows I can fit into my schedule. 
When December arrives~ I hope to:

  1. Spend lots of time with friends and family.
  2. Try to accept only 2-3 Christmas party invites a week.
  3. Decorate every inch of the house for Christmas.
  4. Sip hot chocolate with marshmallows.
  5. Spend lots of evenings in my soft sweats and warm socks.
  6. Take long drives playing Christmas music and admiring the lights throughout the city.
  7. Read Christmas books while drinking lots of delicious coffees and teas.
  8. Watch Christmas movies.
  9. Throw in a couple of spa days and a massage.
  10. Have family and friends over for dinner and games. {lots}
  11. Bake Christmas goodies.
  12. Enjoy all the Christmas mail.
  13. Put together a new Christmas Puzzle.
  14. Follow up with any shopping left online.
In doing this, I hopefully avoid:

  1. Not having time for myself.
  2.  Busy stores with long lines.
  3. Full parking lots.
  4. Insane traffic.
  5. Feelings of stress and pressure to get things 'done'.
  6. Going out in bad weather.
  7. Impulse shopping.
So, in the spirit of November,
Here is a fun project to you get into the mood for the season. Make a calendar. I did.
Plan your November. Every day. How's that schedule looking now? I know.

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