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:: Of course I'm still here ::


I know right, I'm finally back at it. Well, who can blame me for feeling lazy with a 5 day weekend? That's right a (5) day weekend. I don't have to go back to work tomorrow! Not until Tuesday! Whoo - whoo! Now, don't be jealous. I deserve this little break. I have lots to do preparing for Christmas, and to that end I really did get a lot done. The house is completely decked out in Christmas right down to our Christmas flannel sheets and Christmas bedspreads. Not one thing around here does not scream Christmas so, I did alright I think! But now, I'm taking some time for me. I like to call it "Give yourself a merry little moment". And I think I will! What have I been doing? I made some Christmas cookies of all kinds, read one Christmas book, had a few newly concocted warm and delicious drinks I'll share with you later, I've been working on the Christmas puzzle, watching Christmas movies, making a Family Christmas video, and trying not to eat to many of those delicious leftovers in the fridge. Right now, I'm making some chili. and in a little while, I'm going to try my hand at at making a wall Christmas tree. Maybe a hanging one too. So for now, enjoy the rest of you holiday weekend, I'll be back tomorrow!

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