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“This is the real secret of life  ― to be completely engaged with what you are doing in the here and now. 
And instead of calling it work, realize it is play.”

~Alan Wilson Watts ~

As I considered my goals and priorities in November, the prevailing thought that came to mind over and over as you well know, was one of gratitude. This goes nicely with the spirit of Thanksgiving, but I think it’s more than just good timing. During the last few months I have really worked on embracing my creative side and expanding world. I have developed a better idea of my passions and have spent time cultivating my sense of self.

Here is a short list of things I want to be mindful of and grateful for this month:

Health—yoga, fruits, veggies, sleep, water, tea, walking, breathe

Peace—journal time, meditation, bubble baths, time management, routines, rituals

Wealth—spend mindfully, budget wisely, pay bills as usual with a smile

Happiness—spread kindness and love, live in the moment, dwell in possibility, make room for dreams

November has so far been a month I have struggled to get used to. It started full of  fire-colored leaves, then turned cold, the leaves blown from the trees until made bare, the skies turned gray much of the time, and when I leave work, it is completely dark already. It is so weird to come home in the dark. And it makes me feel tired and un-motivated to do much of anything. That is why this list, and making and sticking to a real schedule is so important. Otherwise, I would just sit like a bump on a log! I am taking my time cooking healthful dinners, exercising, drinking lots of water and tea, taking breaks at work to meditate and relax, and most of all, extending kindness wherever I can. It's such a simple little thing that means so much to so many.
How about you? How is November going for you? Has it turned cold in your neck of the woods?

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