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:: Smitten and Slushed ::

I am totally smitten with the holiday season!  And best of all, I know why… it's because for once, I am just going with the flow. I'm not trying to be everywhere and once, and I'm not even doing everything myself because I don't think anyone else can do it as well. {even if that's true, I'm still letting go} instead, I'm carrying faith and hope in my heart. So much about this season is bringing me happiness and an inner calm.  I am slowing down and I like that.

I like that I am looking at things very differently now. The lights of the Christmas tree serve as a good reminder to keep a light in my heart. The stars and angels reminding me that they are here to guide me when I feel lost. Even the birth of Christ…tells me that we all have a new beginning. In the end though, I suppose it's all about how you decide to look at things.

Right now, looking at the bright side of life is much better. Good things are always happening when you do, recently,  I even found an old slush drink recipe that my Aunt used to make every year. I'm going to make it and set it in the garage to keep cold, then when friends come over I'll have something quick to serve! She was quite the smart woman. And, as a bonus... I'm sharing her recipe with you! 

I hope you are enjoying the hope that this season offers you.

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