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:: Taking my work home with me ::

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There's a lot of good here. If I can just focus on it, hold it close, and keep it front and center in my mind.

Lately,  I've been noticing on my walks, that I think and worry about the people that I meet on a daily basis. Some are so fragile. I very often drop in on them and bring them little things that they need, or would mean a lot to them. I never forget.  I know I should leave work at work, but my work is helping our oldest citizens. They are not objects, or a book I can just close. These are  literally and figuratively, people dulled down by life and fear.

via; Pinterest
It can sometimes take a little while for me to show them all the many ways that I can improve their lives. But, I do. Every day. Slowly, each of them let me in, and I turn their whole life around for the better. Just like that. It is something that I take great pride in. Some of my greatest treasures are all the many Thank-you cards that are hung up and strewn around my desk.  It is a wonderful feeling to be appreciated. But it is even more wonderful to know that I am changing lives for the better one by one. 

I have already been gifted three knitted scarves from some very talented clients! I never accept gifts, or money, or anything. We are not allowed to. And, I have explained that to each and every client, but, they don't listen. They have taken to sending gifts to me through the mail. Old people are sneaky aren't they?  What I have discovered: They are not my clients. They are my friends. And, lucky for them... I will always be here for them. Is that taking too much home? I don't really care. It's my life, isn't it? Don't you love the sign?  I feel lovely today, how about you?


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