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:: Weekend Plans ::

Yippie! The weekend is finally here—and there is nothing but creative projects and sparkling moments on my to-do list for today...

wake up with a smile

meet my friend bright and early- 9:00am sharp!
First stop: Starbucks
Second stop: The Festival of Trees parade {meeting 2 more from work}
Third stop: The SIS store for some shopping!
Fourth Stop: The Festival of Trees! Wander amongst all those beautiful trees!
Fifth Stop: Lunch - The Christmas Cottage for our fill of all things Christmas!
Sixth Stop: Lunch - undecided where at this time
Seventh Stop - My friends house. She wants my help setting up her Christmas stuff!
Eighth Stop - If I make it that far... I'm going to fall into bed completely exhausted.


What I must accomplish:

I must try a holiday coffee from Starbucks

I must start on our new book club book
I must get a few presents bought and wrapped
I must go for a nice long walk in the brisk winter air
I must buy a new holiday candle
I must enter my new bead picture into the contest
I must pick up my Christmas cards
I must do something creative and fix 2 wreaths by Sunday

What creative delights do you have planned for the weekend?

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