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:: 5 year perpetual journals ::

They are beautiful. Many of them handmade with love. How to choose just one?

This is actually a ten year journal. And she gives complete instructions 
on her site on how to make one of these lovely creations yourself! 

From Rhymes with magic

She gives a full tutorial on her site as well for this lovely perpetual calendar.

Make a perpetual journal re-using an old rolodex and pretty paper!

Another one found here on Controlling my Chaos!

Found on No more "to go"

Asks random questions each day. It is very eerie 
to see how similar each year is from the next

Perpetual Calendar Journal Cards Calendar Gratitude Journal Calendar Box

Also found on Etsy...

and yet another from Etsy

Now admit it, these are some very beautiful ideas aren't they?
So, what are you waiting for... decide which one is right for you!

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