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:: At least I'm colorful ::

I know right? It's so not me to go so colorful, but this year I decided that I would go all out, and instead of just using white lights and being so prim and proper with everything looking perfect - I would instead opt for colorful lights, homemade ornaments mailed to me by my grandkids and special ornaments that have a real sentimental meaning to me that I haven't seen in years just because they didn't fit the style of the tree. No more. I want to keep all that I treasure most front and center at all times.  

It has been hectic between work and the demands of the holiday, but I am bouncing back from the cracked rib thing pretty good. I'm really going to miss not having my daughter and her children here for Christmas, it's sure going to be much quieter around here on Christmas fact, it's enough to put a real funk on the day. I'm at a loss of what exactly I want to do. I know. There are many things that I could do. And a million and one places that I've been invited to go... but, it's just not the same. Not at all. I really think that I am going to just spend a quiet day at home on Christmas Day. No set plans. Just let people come over as they want. It's always been a day where relatives, neighbors, and friends drop in whenever. I guess you could almost just call it an open house. It has become tradition simply because we have been doing it now for over 30 years. I set out quite the spread. All of our favorites. And everybody brings stuff with them as well. Food is never a problem. Getting rid of it is. There is just too much of it. Especially the sweets.

Christmas morning we are going to "Skype" with the grandkids to watch them open their presents. I'm not sure what I think of this. Of course I want to see them and watch them... but I would rather that they actually be here... I am truly whining about this aren't I? I know it. I'm just not happy about this at all. I have given fair warning that this sort of thing will not be occurring next year or any other year after that either. To that end they have agreed that they will not miss Christmas here ever again. At least I have that. 

Well, time to go - I must make something for our potluck at work Monday and my friend and I are going out to dinner after work Monday to exchange presents just between us. I hope she likes the presents I got her! I kept picking up things that I knew where just her like candles, perfume, a book on photography, lotion, a special woven basket, a friendship willow statue, and an Isabel Bloom statue {she loves those} oh, and the best is a black purse with matching billfold from Jimmy Choo. What do you think? 


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