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:: Creating a Vision Board Re-visited ::

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Ok, I have had a couple of requests to explain how to create a Vision/Dream Board {same thing}

What you will need to create a successful vision board:

1. First of all, do not be in a hurry. It takes time and a lot of  patience to go through piles and piles of magazines!
2. Obviously, A huge pile of magazines.
3. Scissors, glue sticks, endless cups of tea ....
4. A Vision. It's no good just cutting out pictures of the things you want. You need to know what those things bring  to your world. What makes you happy? Do you even know?  So get really clear. What does happy look like for you?

In what direction are you wanting your life to go?

5. Cut out pictures, words and phrases that you like. Come back to them and sift through the pile. Take some away. You will likely go through this process quite a bit. Find another magazine and cut it up. Always recycle those magazines when you're done with them. Look at the pictures: would that be what happiness looked like to you? Make collages of things that you want. 

6. When you have some pictures that you know are just right, start making your vision board. Play with it. Enjoy it.
7. When it's finished, put it somewhere where you can see it every day.
8. Continue clipping things out! You will constantly be updating your board.
9. Repeat as often as necessary.

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