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Current Playlist:  Pentatonix - That's Christmas to me; Lady Antebellum  - On this winters night
Third Day - Christmas Offerings (album); Sugarland - City of Silver Dreams; Adele - One and Only;  

Current Books: Leaving Time by Jodi Picoult; The things they carried by Tim O'brien

Current Drink: Skim Decaf Peppermint Latte -or- Nonfat, Chai Latte

Current Mood: Cheerful.  But, it's been a rough couple of weeks with the cracked rib.

Current Indulgence: Well, it is December ... egg nog;  {adult style}; and lots of delicious lotion.

Current Wishlist: a little time off to hybernate;  and a white Christmas

Current Foods: sweets; sweets; and more sweets!

Current Bane of My Existence: ink I spilled on my rug; self-absorbed people

Current Triumph: Hearing my granddaughter tell a friend to wait a minute she is talking to her "best friend"!                                                         {that would be me}

Current Outfit: 1st choice: sweats and a long sleeved t-shirt;  2nd choice: jeans, white shirt, black ruffle/long cardigan, colorful scarf, black riding boots. 

Current Excitement: Just returned from another shopping trip in Chicago! Plus a chance to walk around and see the Christmas sights... so beautiful!

Tell me one of your "currents."

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