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This time of year it's always really hard to find time for my art journaling, but, I have to tell you it's really important to do it anyway. It just melts all that stress and chaos away with each passing minute... so, I think 
it is a gift you simply must give to yourself - time and space to be creative! Are you needing a little help as far as a few prompts to get you into holiday spirits? Be glad to help! Here's a few ideas I came up with for myself... and your more than welcome to them!

Build a Snowman: You don’t have to go out into the cold to build a snowman, you can always paint/draw/doodle one! You can make one or many. I have a whole page full of them!

A Holiday Quote: There are countless quotes about the winter holidays, and each of them can be a great place of inspiration for a page (or several pages) in your art journal.

Illustrate a favorite Holiday Song: Whether it’s “Sleigh Ride” or “Blue Christmas” or “Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer” – pick one of your favorite holiday songs and illustrate it. 

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Evergreen Trees: Paint/Create a winter scene of evergreen trees, or decorate a Christmas tree. Be careful though, you can really go crazy decorating a Christmas tree!

Santa/St. Nick: Make a mixed media painting or collage of Saint Nick or Santa Claus in your journal or write a list of reasons to believe in Santa Claus. This is one of my most beautiful pages.

Create some Snowflakes: There are many different ways to do this. You could cut out paper snowflakes, you could doodle them, paint them…the possibilities are really endless! If you want to add some sparkle to your snowflakes, try some glitter nail polish it lays nicer on paper-but let it dry!

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Traditions: What are some of your holiday traditions? Create a page about the ones that are the most meaningful to you or create a list of traditions.

Favorite Holiday Color Combinations: The holidays are full of colors and patterns. Choose a few of your favorite color schemes and use these colors on a page or two in your journal.

Christmas Lights: Try creating a border in your journal of Christmas lights. It makes the page look so very festive and colorful!

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 Looking Back on the Year: How did this past year treat you? What are some of your favorite memories about the past year?

Hot Chocolate: Hot chocolate is best enjoyed in the winter months. Make a page of a warm cup of hot chocolate! Or, any other warm winter drink that you love!

Holiday Poems: You can make “Found Poetry” by cutting out holiday themed words and phrases from books and magazines, write your own poem, or illustrate one of your favorite poems in a page in your journal.

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Grown Up Christmas List: What are your wishes and wants for the holiday season this year? You can write a letter to Santa, make a wishlist, or write about peace on earth.
Reuse Christmas Cards: Did you save all your holiday cards from last year? Use them to create a collage or tell a little story about the pictures and images in them. Or use the new ones you're just now receiving-doesn't matter which.

I hope some of these holiday and winter themed prompts inspire you to create something really beautiful this season... and if you do - send me a picture - I'd love to see it!

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