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:: For your weekend pleasure... ::

Do you have your creative to-do list prepared? 
Check out this week’s list for some inspirational ways to add some holiday cheer to your weekend…

  1. meditate for a while on the meaning of gratitude. 
  2. {hopefully, you have been keeping a gratitude journal.} 
  3. continue yoga practice with a cheerful and grateful mindset.
  4. decorate/embellish that to-do list. make it pretty!
  5. drive around looking at the beautiful lights, while listening to music 
  6. {and perhaps also while sipping some delicious hot chocolate!}
  7. have a present wrapping contest. just how beautiful can you make it?
  8. flip through a favorite magazine for inspiration. keep up with that vision board!
  9. discover new versions of old favorites. this applies to recipes and music alike!
  10. watch Christmas movies to get you into the Christmas spirit!
  11. write thoughtful notes full of holiday cheer in each and every card you send.
  12. bake cookies for the neighborhood. everybody loves getting a plate of goodies!
  13. listen to Christmas music. And find some new stuff you've never heard before.
  14. take a new approach to journal entries. get creative. say just what you mean.

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