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:: How I spent my Friday night ::

So, I went to another class recently. It was really fun. I learned an awful lot of new things, 
new techniques, to be honest, I learned to really let go and have fun with my journal pages. 
I learned that each page doesn't have to be perfect. And believe me, that is not easy for a
 perfectionist like myself. But I did it!

The class was led by none other than Dyan Reaveley ! I know! The class was super small. 
Only eight of us with her, so we got some much needed personal attention! She had to work really 
hard to get me to loosen up and get away from the straight lines... but, she did succeed! 
She is a lovely lady from England. I simply love her accent! And, I must say, that if you ever 
get the chance to take a class with her - jump on it quick!
But, if you can't see her... you're in luck! She has tons of youtube videos in which she demonstrates 
tons of different ideas - look her up you won't be sorry!

I can only assure you that a good time was definitely had by all! And, from time to time I'll show you
some pics from my journal to keep you updated on my progress, so far - so good!

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