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I may be a early in presenting my resolutions, but I figure there’s no time like the present to get um out there. Especially with all the extra time I have had as of late. Being injured really makes you slow down and reflect on things, because you have absolutely no choice but to do so. Besides, there are quite a number of things I want to focus on this year.
As I planned my intentions for 2015, I thought of ways to begin living my ideal life. An ordinary, yet completely fantastic, everyday existence. Keeping in mind that it’s the journey {not the destination} that really matters. So, having said that, I resolve to:

practice yoga weekly {2-3 times a week}
be very kind to the girl in the mirror {she needs it}
eat slowly, and with the intention of fueling my body
support my spine by sitting and standing up straight
wear my hair naturally every day. No more straightening it.
treat money with respect, and begin saving more for some serious travel.
consider tomorrow when spending today. No frivolous purchases.
enjoy time with friends and family, always be present in the moment.
adore my creative side, and continuously work on my art and my writing.
relish in every bit of my creative being - let it go free
send lots of goodie boxes to the kids, filled with creative enjoyments

This year’s resolutions are much different than my normal, but I am tired of setting out lose 10 pounds. It’s about time I adjust my goal-setting strategy for sure, and by incorporating these intentions into my daily routine, I should be well on my way to living the life of my dreams. Yup, I'm livin the dream folks, livin the dream!

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