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:: Instead think about what you can control ::

There are times when a brave and happy face will only take you so far. Those are the times when the best course of action is to sit quietly, think about the bits of our lives that we can control, and give of ourselves in whatever way we can to help others who may be going through a terrible ordeal.

I work in a people-profession—I ask questions, make referrals, tell stories, provide advice, seek answers and try to guide folks from one step to next best one. Working with strangers has forced me into realizing that there are more variables, possibilities and pieces to the puzzle than I could have ever predicted. There’s no way we can always prepare for what lies ahead… 

Indeed, our only option is to embrace this fragile, dynamic and exhilarating experience we call life. And that brings me to another thing... how did I become so good at fixing everyone else's life, how is it that I am able to see what will help them so clearly? Especially when I can't seem to apply that to my own life? What is that about? 

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