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It is said that, when it rains, it pours—and it sure seems like life has been raining and pouring down on me this week. Strangely, I am both overwhelmed and overjoyed for this holiday season. Cracking a rib was not in my holiday plan book I can assure you, and it's really slowing me down in ways I never imagined it could. A number of wonderful things have happened the last few days and a handful of tricky situations have also bubbled up to the surface. As with all challenges, I am trying to find the calm within the storm.

I am looking forward to…
some quiet time with family and cheerful exclamations of joy over more cookie decorating!
the warmth of the sun on my skin, along with the chill of snow on my nose.
reflections of this year’s accomplishments and contemplation's of next year’s goals.
It’s a busy time for all of us and I promise to catch up more and post a little better real soon.
In the meantime, please know I am thinking of you and sending twinkling holiday thoughts your way.

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