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:: Lessons from the past ::

As you probably know by now, I work with the senior population, and help them in many ways every day. I am a caseworker, and I try to help them sort out what is left of their lives in the best way possible. I am a firm believer that everyone has a purpose, and to that end I spend countless hours everyday convincing people that they have every reason to live, and that it is not time yet to curl up and die. It shouldn't be as hard as it is to do that. I have become firm with people. I show them that I am sincere in what I am saying, and that lastly, life is to be lived. You are alive until you are not. It is as simple as that. It truly is.

I am happy to report, that many of my people hop to it and get back on that train called life. And to that I am so grateful. It does my heart good to see so many of them turn their lives around and come back to join the game of life. I love the older generation, their simple, bright, good quality clothes, recipes always made from scratch, delicious iced tea, a generation without cell phones... and time to spare.

Watching them makes me realize that I want more of that in my life. Time to sit and have a cup of tea, time to do one thing at a time, to learn how to make things with my hands more, and to enjoy the decorations of simple nature. To keep things more simple, enjoyable, and very low key.

It's rather easy isn't it to romanticize the past, and simply filter out all of the negative, which just leaves perfect and dreamy. But, we all have choices, we all get to choose to keep things simple-or not. I love growing my own vegetables, and cooking from scratch - so much so that I have decided to do it daily. It's great, and highly therapeutic, especially when coupled with a glass of wine!  But, as a whole culture, we are really losing out. Synthetic fabrics just don't feel as good as linens and cottons, and pure wool. Things are just not made anything like they used to be. Things used to be built that lasted forever. No more. And, soup from a can is not half as good as my homemade soup. Ever.

I think a lot of us are searching for that easier and simpler time. We keep searching because we are not happy with the way that life goes, but we can change all that. We can make the time to turn back the clock, we can have our own simple life and routine if we want it. We don't have to race around every day doing fifty things at once. Yes. We. Can. We can live out our days our own slow-paced way. We can experience moments filled with real things that involve all of our senses, and we can interact with nature, the seasons, animals, food, artwork... all we have to do is slow down. That simpler time is here. The choices are yours.

Take the time to do just one thing at a time, oh, and be inspired by the elderly - they know more than you think they do... about everything.

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