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What are you looking forward to in 2015? Better yet, what things do you want to try to do in 2015?
I want to see your top 10 please.
1. Artist Dates.
I used to go on artist dates often – exploring little boutiques, watching artsy movies and journaling in coffee shops. In 2015, I want to get back to this practice of nurturing my creative side often.
2. Reading More.
I adore books, but rarely made time to read more than my book club book each month in 2014. In fact, I was lucky to finish my book club book in time each month. This is just not acceptable, this year I want to savor the inspirations I've been collecting and dive into all those juicy books that are lining my shelves.
3. Cultivating Wellness.
This year I became much more aware of how and when I should be eating. In 2015, I hope to take more steps towards healthy living by caring for my body and cultivating wellness.
4. Evening and Morning Set Routines.
I keep telling myself that I’m going to create evening and morning rituals. This is the year to make that happen. And stick with it.
5. Getting Girlie.
I love being a girl and everything that goes along with it. Time to flaunt the feminine side a lot more. More skirts, More dresses, more pampering! 
6. Taking Pictures.
I bring my camera everywhere, but often forget to start snapping. This year I want to try to take lots and lots of pictures, knowing that while some may be bad, others will capture the moment beautifully.
7. Owning My Feelings.
Responsibility, forgiveness and passion have a way of healing people. It’s time for me to apply this knowledge to my own life every day. Be compassionate. Care. Mean it.
8. Mantras and Positivity.
In 2015, I plan to be positive all the time. There is no reason not to be. I will start looking at the good side of everything instead of the bad. And I will always be just as kind and considerate to others as I will be to the girl in the mirror as well.
9. Portion Control.
This is the year I listen to my body and my soul. I need to learn to portion everything in my life better from my food intake to how much time I give to everything. Everything in moderation.
10. Enjoying Imperfection.
A lot of my worry comes from a desire for perfection. I get concerned that things won’t be as wonderful and amazing as they could be. Next year I want to enjoy life as it is—imperfections included! Bring them on!

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