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:: On being down ::

Dyan Reaveley autographed my New Journal!

And by that I mean, ouch!
For the past week {since Sunday night} I have been in such pain. I fell off the ladder decorating yet another thing and hit something on the way down. So, I fractured one rib. Guess what can be done about that? Not one F****** thing. Take 600 mg of ibuprofen every 3 hours to keep up with the pain. That's it. I am totally serious. For the first two days it hurt to simply breathe, and everything else that I did simply took my breath away. No wrap, no nothing. I am supposed to cough every hour also. It has been to say the least, miserable. I stayed home Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to rest up. But, I was never one to keep still, who the heck can? And to be honest, it is getting a little better every day so I'm grateful for that. Plus, I've been working in my journal, that's a plus too, But, I need to get over the "Woe is me thing." Yup, I'm feeling sorry for myself. But, I'll get over this too. I'll leave you with some pics of my newest creations... what with all this time and all... !   

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