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:: Pressure ::

With not too many days left until Christmas, you might be feeling a little bit of PRESSURE. This pressure comes from a variety of sources.

1. Family situations: trying to please everybody all of the time.
2. Traditions: struggling with 'how it's always been done' and breaking that cycle, 
or throwing something new into the mix {heaven forbid}
3. Budget: Need I say more?
4. The Culture: Commercials are bombarding us and our children 
with the pressure to find the 'perfect gift.' 

Many times this pressure is self-inflicted.  It comes with the gender.  But, that is simply because for women, it's about creating a Christmas environment. How will anyone be in the Christmas spirit, if we don't do our jobs correctly? It's our job to set the tone of our home. Christmas is beautiful and festive! There are a million different traditions we need to be in keeping with, but in a pleasurable, and memorable way. We want to be enthralled with the wonders of this special season without going to extremes.

Instead, This week, my hope is that you will be surrounded by joy and have a presence of peace toward those you encounter this week. 

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