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:: sick weekend ::

And by sick I do not mean... super cool LOL... I mean yucky sick :o(  
Laying like this on the couch! For days. Unable to keep anything down, 
and dangerously close to dehydration 

I could feel it starting... I knew it was coming... I said...


and that is when it all began...Yuck! Understand, that for the first day or two there is really nothing that you can possibly do other than just sleep. And in fact, that is all you will do... but I caution you here-be sure that when you briefly wake up that you drink as much water as you possibly can. Otherwise, you will become dehydrated very quickly. I used a small amount of OJ, then filled the glass with water-a good combo. 

Once you can stay awake more than 20 minutes, I recommend taking a nice hot bath. 
But be sure that someone is watching that you don't fall asleep. This will be a wonderful and relaxing time, especially after being able to keep nothing down or in. But, be careful. Move slowly. This takes a while to get over. Eating comes slowly. Start with chicken broth, room temperature 7-up or Sprite, then a banana, just go slowly. Broth is good. Water is best. Get a lot of this down as much as possible. Take your time recuperating, this is a dangerously, and deadly virus if not kept in check... your Doctor will call it... 

I call it a total pain, a waste and total loss of my precious time, but, who am I to say? All I can tell you is that you cannot get one over on this one. Just roll with it gently. Slowly. Don't try to get back to normal too fast or it will just set you right back worse than you were before. So, for now, I am just pampering myself, which is not the worst way to begin the new year, I just thought I'd be welcoming the New Year in a different way that's all. It will be a very quiet New Years Eve around these parts that's for sure. 

Well, wherever you are, stay safe, stay healthy, and beware the Influenza Bug!

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