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:: Sigh ::

Of course, soon after, I was thinking that these objectives wouldn't be half bad either.... what do you think?

  1. drink more water
  2. eat less sugar//processed foods
  3. play on my hula-hoop a lot more
  4. deepen my connections with my friends
  5. have more Artist dates
  6. laugh more
  7. embrace my past and let it go
  8. participate in more photo contests
  9. practice yoga reguarly
  10. drink smoothies
  11. have tons of photo days
  12. spend even more time outdoors
  13. one-on-one dates with my besties
  14. do one new craft a month
  15. take time to relax
  16. travel more {and road trips!}
  17. take a break from technology at least one weekend a month
  18. art journal more
I just simply can't stop being me right? {smile}, Sigh. Still lovin those lists. I'm all about those lists.

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