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There are lots of ways to begin a 365 project. Of course, you can start one anytime, but many people do choose January 1st as the time they would like to begin. A 365 project isn't just about photography. It doesn't have to mean a picture a day... let's look at some fun ways you can do a 365 project!

1. A Photo a day ~ Well of course, this is the original, and can be very fulfilling and fun when completed. Many people make a photo book from their completed photos when they are finished.

2. A Poem a day ~ The Art of noticing your life. Write a poem every day of the year, based on your thoughts and experiences of that day. Love, parenthood, the beauty of nature, creativity and this tender and curious life. So many options here and absolutely no rules whatsoever!

3. A Haiku a day ~ Write a Haiku every day based on a particular part of your day. Or, of anything. 

Rules for Writing Haiku
There are no specific rules for writing haiku; however, the structure of haiku is always the same, including the following features:
  • Only three lines, totaling 17 syllables throughout
  • The first line must be only 5 syllables
  • The second line must be comprised of 7 syllables
  • The third line must be 5 syllables like the first
  • Punctuation and capitalization rules are up to the poet, and need not follow rigid rules used in structuring sentences
  • Haiku does not have to rhyme, in fact many times it does not rhyme at all
  • Some haiku can include the repetition of words or sounds

4.  Journal page a day ~ Complete one journal page each day. There is actually a book for this too. It might give you some ideas.

5. A craft a day ~ Complete one crafting project every day. I also found a book for this one too. If you'd like some ideas. Although, there are plenty of ideas all over the internet as well too!

6. A drawing a day ~ Complete one drawing every day. I found a cool website where a person is completing this. Find it HERE

7. An act of kindness ~ Record one act of kindness you were able to do every day.There is actually a site for this I found HERE!

8. Doodle ~ Draw one doodle every day - I also found several different sites with ideas for this one. 

9. Short Notes ~ write a short note every day to your loved one and put it in a jar. At the end of the year give them the jar.

10. New Recipe ~ Collect one new recipe a day to try

11. Thankful/Grateful ~ Write down one thing you are grateful for every day.

12. Learn one new thing a day ~ write down what new thing you learned each day.

13. Quotes ~ Collect a favorite quote every day.

14. Do one thing ~ Accomplish just one thing each day on your "to do" list

15. Post Card Project ~ mail a postcard every day for one year. A homemade card, any kind of postcard. You can even mail them to yourself, or join a group.

16. Blog ~ If you've ever considered starting a blog, I would highly recommend it. This was the first year that I myself actually blogged each and every day!!!! I did it!!! You don't have to write daily, but, what memories!

17. Pet photo ~ Take a picture of your pet {s} every day!

18. Get Organized ~ Do one thing every day to help organize your life and home.

19. Good Memories Jar ~ Write down something good that happened each day and put it in a jar. At the end of the year open the jar and enjoy all the happy memories!

20. One Word Prompt a day ~  for help, or a word a day go HERE for some assistance!

Well folks, that is 20 different ways to begin a 365 project. Whew! Who knew there were so many? And really there are probably a lot more too. Will you be trying a 365 project this year? Which one? Maybe I'll try to find some more and add them here as I do.... have fun with it!

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