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 I am just not a winter girl! I love winter clothing - sweaters, boots, cute jackets and all the whatnot's and accessories that go with it. I love winter food all that comfort food is right up my alley believe it! Christmas meals, hot chocolate, seasonal Starbucks beverages, warm soups and chili. But, when it comes to the freezing cold mixed weather, and the icy roads, and just freezing my tooshie off in general, coupled with the fact that it is completely dark when I get off work and I find myself staying inside all  the time... I'm just not a fan!  All is good until December 26th and then I am ready for spring. I know, I still have a long way to go. I know. And I plan on finding some ways to cope until the faint signs of Spring begin to arrive. Really, if you have any good ideas. Don't be shy. Share them with me.

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