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Making : a complete mess
Cooking :  macaroni and cheese
Drinking : a strawberry margarita
Reading: orange is the new black 
Wanting: my house to magically clean itself
Looking: for any excuse so I can play
Playing: board games with the neighbors
Wasting: too much time
Sewing: a rice bag for those aches and pains
Wishing: it were not bitter cold
Enjoying: catching up on movies
Waiting: to catch the latest flu bug
Liking: my new fluffy soft socks
Wondering: if I can sneak in a nap
Loving: my new art journal
Hoping: for a little more calm at work

Marveling: at nature, even in the dead of winter
Needing: another drink
Smelling: delicious cinnamon rolls, almost done!
Wearing: a big apron
Following: aunt Elsie's recipe to a tee.
Noticing: everyone is waiting for a cinnamon roll
Knowing: I better save a couple or I won't get one
Thinking: why did I invite anyone over when I'm baking?
Bookmarking: a new recipe - looks good - I'll let you know
Opening: my latest order from Amazon, more craft supplies
Giggling: because I got a great deal... Yes!
Feeling: pretty good, pretty good indeed

How about you? How are you doing today?

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