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:: The healing power of nature ::

Slowly easing back into the online world.... I disconnected on Friday, and took the weekend off. It was a much needed break from everything. I set up a couple of posts ahead of time in my absence. As much as I love the amazing community I have online, sometimes all the extra noise can get overwhelming. a weekend without checking emails, facebook, instagram, etc was pure bliss. I hiked, played games, read my book in front of a massive fireplace, swam, got a much needed massage, drank while sitting in an outdoor hot tub, and enjoyed a much slower pace of life for a just a few days. And it was so worth it, it gave my mind some peace and quiet, some time to mull things over and reflect, time to release some negative vibes, to shake off a few crazy feelings and time to regroup. After being so sick, it was a refreshing and welcome change of pace.

I plan on making it a more regular thing, maybe one whole weekend each month. I'm not really sure just yet, I'm setting nothing in stone, instead, I'll take it week by week and see what feels right. 

Hope that you all had a great weekend

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