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 “What does simple living mean to you?”

That's kind of a tough question isn't it? I think that's because having a simple life has a different meaning and a different value for each and every one of us. In fact, ask me what I think and chances are good that you will get several different answers. Why? because simple can be a little bit complicated. What I need may change year to year, depending upon circumstance, seasons in life and so forth.. And that’s OK. For me, right now, it means eliminating all but the essential, and making way for peace, and spending my time creating experiences for myself, cultivating friendships, doing what’s important to me. That means getting rid of many of the other things I do - so I can spend time with the people that I love and give myself the time to do the things I love. It means getting rid of all the clutter so that all I am left with is that which gives me real value with my time.

However, getting to that point is anything but easy. It's not a simple process either, rather it's more like a journey, one which is filled with two steps forward, and one backward. You would think it would very simple right? It should look like this:

  1. Identify what is most important to you.
  2. Eliminate everything else.
  3. Done.

See what I mean? If life were only that simple. But, it's simply not.

For me, my list looks something like this:

cut away at the excess in life

create experiences
cultivate friendships
de-clutter constantly
say no to things that I don't need or don't need to do
take time to do nothing
practice gratitude
live an environmentally conscious life…

I think that my ideas of enough are pretty simple and straight forward. But, I'm sure that they will change from time to time as well as I grow and change. After all, simplicity is really nothing more than a mindset but that's not the point in and of itself. The way we live, and the life we live - this is the point. The sun, the fun, the travel, the laughter, the memories. These are the point. Noticing them and carving a life from these tiny moments – that is the point.

The de-cluttering helps me to get there. Learning to say no helps me to get there. Letting go of being constantly busy helps me. So what does simple living mean to me? Living. Simply.

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