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I do so many different things, that anymore I find it difficult to categorize myself into a certain profile. Some might say photographer, but, it no longer fits as comfortably as it once did and I realize why. I love to to many different things. I love the challenge of trying something new. The excitement and the shininess of it all. But then I learn as much as I feel I need to and the shininess wears off. What I need is purpose, projects and structure. If I don't have those things,  it falls into being an afterthought. I am allowing that to be okay. I am allowing myself the freedom to wander and to explore until I find that one thing that makes me so obsessively passionate that I cannot do anything else. Or maybe I am meant to be passionately obsessed with always learning new things. Maybe that is my path. Someday the answer will come. In the meantime, I won't put myself in any one particular box.

So last week while at the studio participating in art night, I picked up a small collection of acrylic paints and got to work on a canvas... I'm not worrying about form or vision or even technique. I'm just letting the paint flow and DOING it. Exciting really, isn't it?

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