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:: Surviving Winter ::

I have a love/hate relationship with winter. Despite the dreadful cold weather, I’m grateful for snow and the changes in seasons where we live. But last year, things went just too far when the temps dipped well into the 40 below zero status. No one went anywhere, it was just too damned cold. So, what's a girl to do? Easy. Make a little winter survival kit {so to speak} for yourself so you'll always be prepared for what you may need to have on hand in case your snowed in!

Winter survival guide:
1. Eat lot of Fresh Fruit – it may be winter, but you need fruits now more than ever. Get some of those delicious Christmas Globe Grapes {yummy!} some little nectarines, a couple of pears and a bunch of bananas and your good to go for a few days... remember you need 5-6 fruits and vegetables every day. 
2. Plants/Greenery – they always lift my spirits and brighten a space. Try growing a kitchen wall of herbs that you can snip off and cook with-anywhere you can put a plant-do so, they help to keep your home oxygenated as well.
3. Fruit smoothies – I swear by them! This is an easy way to get lots of fruits or veggies into your day folks their are so many combinations that you are sure to find one that is right just for you! 
4. Crafting / Crocheting – when spending a lot of time indoors,I have found great comfort in creating with my hands. Whether it’s journaling, or a DIY project, it’s the perfect time to create!
5. Bright colors – wearing bright colors adds a little skip in my step. Perhaps your gloves, hat and scarf could be of a bright and cheery color!
6. Jojoba oil – from Trader Joe's my new wonder solution to dry winter skin. I love using oils to moisturize my face and body, it sure makes me feel soft and my skin feels nourished.
7. Yoga – the ultimate winter blues cure that is so good for the mind and body. At the same time it is perfect as time to meditate as well. Burn a candle, relax and enjoy...
8. Tea – rather than rushing and making a quick cup of tea, I’ve been trying to appreciate the ritual. I actually bought a stove top tea pot to boil water! I have a beautiful tea set, and often, I will invite a friend over for tea. It's also a good excuse to make scones!
9. Sunshine - Keep those curtains wide open and let the sun shine in! It does wonders for you mood. 
10. A jigsaw puzzle - always keep one going on a card table so you have something to do if your watching television. {get the hard ones} that way it will last a while!

Extra Credit- Have yourself an impromptu DIY Day Spa experience! What could be better than setting aside a whole day to just pamper yourself? Right?!!!
I’d love to hear if you have any other tips!

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