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:: Whirlwind weekend ::

This weekend was a busy whirlwind for sure. It was filled with ups and downs but all in all it went by too fast like they always do. Highlights from this weekend past… Macaroon shopping for a friends birthday {Happy Birthday Deanna!} they all looked so good, it's always hard to choose just a few! A thrift store afternoon with a friend, then lunch.

I watched the movie "Unbroken". I loved the book, the movie not so much. Too much emphasis on just one part of his life when he was a prisoner of war. True, that was horrific, and the worst, but he was much more than the sum of a man who was tortured in a prisoner of war camp. They did not elaborate on his life after coming home, and finding God again, thereby changing his life from that day forward. Too bad too because he did so much good in his life. Then there was the the application of the temporary tattoos and where they should be placed, and their were delicious snacks, yes, quite delicious.

Sunday morning brought a get together for brunch which is my most favorite meal. I love brunch, it is just so perfect. Not too early, not too late. Just one meal not breakfast then lunch. Just brunch. It should be like that everyday don't you think? I can only wish.  Hope your weekend was amazing! :)

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