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:: Winter ::

It has really gotten cold, so cold, that I feel depleted of all energy and in some desperate need of some fun. I've come up with some ideas on how to get myself going again, put a smile on my face, and in general feel like there's something to look forward to
  • happy feet. lets start with a hot foot soak, followed by a delicious foot massage, followed by a gorgeous pedicure. When you all done you can wear your warmest footsie socks if you choose.  
  • keep a stack of colorful, soft blankets by your big, comfy couch to grab and snuggle family and friends while watching a movie marathon!
  • host a tea party. make a huge pots of steaming tea, tea sandwiches mints, nuts, scones and other little treats then invite your favorite friends to dress up and join you!
  • treat yourself to a week of home cooked meals save time and money staying home and eating by preparing 4 meals over the weekend. You can freeze the meals until you need them. That way, when you get home from work, all you need to do is whip up a salad, or veggie and your done! Saves time, and saves money too, plus, it's so much healthier for you and your family too.
  • make a big pot of homemade soup. really all you need is a broth base and whatever carb (beans are great), spices and veggies you like! easy, economical and fun to make. warm crusty bread is a must too. This is an excellent Sunday meal so you can lay back and relax a little.
  • have a planning day. break out the your calendar and/or  planner, stickers, post-its and markers and have fun getting all of your ducks in a row. kids can have fun too adding their activities too!
  • move and groove. That's right! It's time crank up the tunes and host a dance party. It's dance till you drop-winner is the one left standing!
  • create a DIY spa. draw a hot bath, add your favorite bubbles and scents, light some candles and play  relaxing music. breathe in all that oh-so- good-for-you steam.
  • bake something. cookies, shrinky dinks, a cake, hot spinach and artichoke dip, recycled crayon tarts… the hot oven will warm the room and make you feel toasty good!
  • crank up the heat. you are usually so good about keeping the heat at a reasonable temp, but for just one day make it as hot as you want, go barefoot and enjoy! guilt free.
  • host a swap and get cozy with your girlfriends… books, clothes, magazines, purses and bags, crafty supplies… whatever! girl time is always the right time and usually does the trick!
  • cozy cocktails. make hot buttered rum, mulled wine, hot cider, fancy coffee… and don’t forget the whipped cream
  • good ol’ family movie and game night. pop a bowl of popcorn, play a mad game of monopoly, then snuggle up to a family classic with sleeping bags and pj’s
  • accessorize with knits. over the knee socks (great with boots), leg warmers, arm warmers, or a colorful scarf. pretty and warm. And keep a delicious smelling sachet bag in with them so they always smell good.
  • give to your local food pantry. warm your heart and someones tummy! Get a collection and go!
  • stay in  bed all day. grab anything you want and get comfy cause you ain't moving all day long! This day is just for relaxing, resting, reading-whatever you want to do-but it has to be in bed! 

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