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:: Beat those winter Blah's ::

It's Fair trade Fortnight this month so shop fair trade! I am so lucky to have a fair trade store here locally that
I shop at every chance I get. They sell coffee and tea as well, and it is very important to support those farmers because the price fluctuates so much for very poor farmers especially in Kenya and Sri Lanka {tea} They are small farmers by comparison and need all the business they can get. I am currently bringing this to the attention of some people at my work to see if perhaps we could start buying the coffee and tea they so generously provide to us from the fair trade store. That would be a delicious and beneficial win-win for everybody!

Next, if you have never roasted a chicken, this is the perfect time. I know I've given you the recipe before but I will again. The leftovers are simply perfect for you to follow up with a delicious soup! Yummy!

What's your favorite romantic movie? This is the time to plan for a night of romance! Just pop that movie in and grab some popcorn and your off! Or, you could invite a few girlfriends over for drinks and a few good chick flicks!

You need a spa day. Why not do it yourself? Spend a whole day, or even a whole weekend just simply pampering yourself. Some yoga, a facial, pedi/mani, deep condition your hair, nourish your body with a delicious soak followed by rich lotions and oils. And during this time, eat slowly and healthy. You will come
out of this weekend feeling refreshed and ready for a new week!

Now for some Kitchen table tennis. Come on, it's fun, and you don't have a ping pong table anyway.
Just get yourself the paddles and ping pong balls and go at it! It's fun as can be-teams are even better!

Have you ever considered getting an aquarium? It makes a lovely and peaceful addition to a home...
beautiful colored fish, plants, and it all takes time and great care but it makes for a wonderful hobby...

Bake some bread. I'm not kidding. It's much healthier for you to do it yourself. Get thee to your nearest health food store, buy real flour and make some bread. It is stress relieving and will benefit your health a great deal in the long run believe me. Try different kinds, or even cinnamon rolls... yummy!

Drink some tea. Experiment with all sorts of flavors to familiarize yourself with the many different kinds and varieties that there are. Become familiar with the flavors that you prefer and enjoy it in the afternoons for a nice tea time break-you'll thank yourself later for taking some quiet time during your busy day.

Drop everything. Let the day unfold before you with new adventures just waiting to unfold...deliciously emptied and ready to be filled with whatever life brings your way... grab a friend and go! Get a simple pedicure, have your eyebrows waxed, get a facial, visit a few thrift stores, check out a couple of book shops, stop and enjoy a simple meal, and later, take some time for tea... and don't forget your camera!

Another fun thing to do this month: visit a museum. Any museum you would like to choose. Just be sure to make it interesting. Museums are so fascinating! There is so much to be learned and so much to see!

How is that garden planning coming along? Make sure you've gotten your garden magazines and order your seeds, its about time to start planting so you have some good-sized seedlings in a couple of months!

So, there are some ideas to get you started. Something yet to do this month. I'll come up with a whole bunch more for March! So hop to-this isn't the time to be lazy! Even though winter gets the better of me at times too and all I want to do is curl up in a chair and read-it's important to keep active-remember that.

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