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:: Jumping paths ::

Is it really such a bad thing, to spread your wings and fly from an expected path? Or is the true blame within our societies obsession with sharing too much? What is too much?

I still don't know the answer to that, but what I do know is, like many other times in my life where I have needed to step back and take a good look at where I'm going, reflect on where I have been, what worked and what didn't work, my answers are quite clearly from an objective stand-point. 

Friends, I will tell you that the life you live when not a single person is looking is quite different than this online world. Things move a lot slower, quieter, and much more simply. The days are longer, we speak softer, and somehow all those lost minutes of the day come together to form an extra hour or two just to focus on the things that really matter the most. 

For some people, this is not the life they are looking for. It's okay, we are all different, headed down different paths. But for me, it feels almost liberating to know what it feels like to live like no one is looking. 

This is me seeing fault in others, and myself. This is me ever changing. For now, this is me jumping ship.

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