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:: On being confident ::

Let's talk about confidence

Having confidence in yourself can be a tricky thing can't it? On the one hand, it's something we should all display proudly, but, in reality, very few of us do.  I don't think being confident in myself is something that comes very easily for me. Maybe it's like that for you too. I understand that there will be those times when life is disappointing.  Or a little depressing simply because of what society expects of us, after all, there are pressures from every direction and every angle telling us we should be "perfect" right?

Well, all is not perfect. We all have those moments. That feeling of being alone, that feeling that we just don't look good enough, that moment we look in the mirror and decide we could handle losing 20 pounds because we no longer fit into a favorite outfit, and on and on and on. What we need to do is stop criticizing ourselves and start focusing on all the positive qualities that we have.  So what if...

I'm not a size 4
I have stretch marks
A noticeable scar
boobs that are too big {or too small}
have split ends or dark roots
can't lose the baby weight
These are the many things that make you YOU!
That wonderful, uniquely, beautiful person that you are

Embrace your flaws.

Remind yourself of your strengths, talents and parts of yourself that you love. Because, at the end of the day it's not how other people see you, it is how you see yourself that really matters the very most.  Am I right? You know I am. So, let's have that great big smile, be confident that you are loved just the way you are. Know it.

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