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Other miscellaneous things that I have really loved lately...

1. I forgot to mention that I read the book "The Things They Carried" by Tim O'Brien for book club. It's an Amazing book. It's a series of linked stories about a group of soldiers in Vietnam. It starts with a lot of the stories being told through a list of the things they carried. I'm usually not real big on war stories, but this is really good.

2. I had such a good time having dinner with friends at La Flama again. I simply love their Ginormous Strawberry Margaritas. And I hadn't seen two of the girls since before Christmas, so it was wonderful to be able to catch up with them - and here of their terribly funny exploits which included getting so drunk that one of them kept lying down on the sidewalk then getting back up as they walked home, and as a policeman stopped to see if he could help them - the other one ran away. Shes from Los Angeles. I guess that is what they do there. It's not what we do here. Not at all. But, in the end, they understood, and gave the girls a ride home. Amazing. All I could think of was "You had my number, why didn't you call me"? To which the answer was shrugged shoulders, and " I don't knows". Next time you call me I told them. Damn. Those are some crazy silly girls. But, they are tons of fun!

3. Same girls. We got together last weekend and went thrifting after I got off work. But, not before we went to Culvers for lunch!!! Yes I did eat some cheese curds!!! Nothing like fried cheese balls right! If that won't stop your heart nothing will I say! 

4. I sent my friend Mary some pictures of my new work. I felt bad. My new place is so breathtakingly beautiful it's not funny. Everything about it is perfect. And the old place where she still works? Well, it has managed to take a toll for the worse if that's even possible. But you know the saying You reap what you sow, and what comes around goes around is finally coming home to roost on that place. It was bound to happen, and it is. Good riddance. 

5. I finally watched "Gone Girl". Yeah, it was pretty good. The book was better. {I'll always say that}  but, all in all, it was pretty good. I can't talk about it without giving it away so I'll just say "go watch it!"

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