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:: A rest-filled month ::

Ideas to inspire a rest filled month;;;

* simplify. keep everything as simple as possible this month. do not entangle yourself in to many "to do's"

* disconnect.  honor weekly off-line time for more real time connecting.

* listen.  tune into new music, favorite podcasts, an audio book or meditation while sitting by the fire, or taking a winters day drive, or just lolling about on the couch.

* organize.  instead of working on big projects this month, take the time to re-organize and de-clutter a bit. clear your calender and clean your space to make room for the fresh start feel of a new year.

* nurture.  make self care a priority this month to help you replenish and refuel. practice the art of the siesta. schedule in some down time for yourself and some date time for your you and your sweetie. make time each week for doing something you really enjoy.

* hydrate. drink lots of water. it is important to keep hydrated during the dry winter months.

* wander. get outside and explore your neighborhood with fresh eyes. take in the sights, mother nature’s gifts, the hidden paths and sidewalks, and walk, breathe, wonder at what is right outside your door. Nature is alive even in the dead of winter.

* gratitude. take a break from long journal writing and simply jot down three things each day you are grateful for. this little exercise can pack a powerful punch and can really lift your mood.

* say no. let go of pressure and guilt and simply say “No” to the things, big or small, your just not into.

* smaller. embrace things in smaller, bite-sized portions and practice the less is more philosophy. less have-to’s and smaller projects will leave your days feeling less stressful and more free flowing. allot 15 minutes for cleaning up, do three yoga poses each day, eat smaller simple meals, tackle creative projects you can complete in half an hour.

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