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:: Top 100 things currently make me happy ::

1. Kittens
2. Making lists
3. Puppies
4. All furry critters, really
5. Finding new music that I love 
6. Watching complete seasons on Netflix
7. Yummy smelling body wash
8. The smell of vanilla
9. New delicious lotions
10. Fresh flowers {doing more often}
11. New indoor plants
12. When someone says "Hi gorgeous"!
13. Weekend trips
14. When my cat try to snuggle with me
15. Giving walks to the dogs at the shelter
16. Cute vintage drinking glasses
17. Finding money in my winter coat!
18. Keeping to my schedule 
19. Winning stuff
20. Creating art
21. Time to read my books
22. Going to Book Club
23. Thrifting and finding treasure!
24. Road trips w/ Amy D
25. Losing weight
26. When the house is clean
27. Singing {in the shower}
28. The feeling of accomplishment after a good workout
29. The movie Gone Girl
30. Finding a good blog
31. Drinking water
32. Doing yoga 
33. Craft fairs
34. My new job!
35. New clothes
36. Getting a bunch of posts scheduled out
37. Donating to the food bank
38. Shopping at Hobby Lobby
39. Trying something new (recently,  knitting)
40. Rug hooking {that was interesting}
41. A good dose of country music
42. Starting a new book
43. Coming up with ideas for my blog
44. New Scentsy smellies
45. Finding a great pen! {yes, I'm particular}
46. Washing my SUV
47. Having Brunch scheduled on Sunday's with friends
48. Taking long outdoor winter walks
49. Searching the real estate ads {in other states}
50. The sound of birds singing in the morning {are they beginning to return?}
51. Finding a new good recipe
52. Searching books on GoodReads
53. Fresh, warm flannel sheets that smell heavenly
54. Sleeping with the windows open
55. Toms shoes
56. Birkenstocks {it's never to early to order for the season}
57. Knitting big old school wool socks {that's all I've learned so far}
58. Starting new seedlings  [already!!!}
59. Scooping up thoseRewards points 
60. New scarves and gloves
61. Barefoot Moscato {red}
62. Sweet chili sauce
63. Going out for Mexican food
64. Keeping up with "Once upon a time"
65. New foundation {covers great!}
66. A tan {yes, I am starting the tanning bed thing}
67. Pinkish purple skies
68. Waking up and seeing the sky looking lighter each day
69. Buying yarn
70. Eating lots of fresh fruit
71. New tea flavors
72. Baking banana bread
73. Getting a massage and a facial
74. Having my feet rubbed
75. Finding really good sales
76. Catching wrong prices at Walmart & getting the stuff free
77. Good hair days
78. A nice photos of me
79. Cheesy chick flicks { I love Sleepless in Seattle}
80. New phone apps I use a lot
81. Going out to the movies
82. Trying new drink concoctions
83. Pizza
84. Chatting with an old friend I ran into out of the blue
85. Getting new volunteers for Meals on Wheels program
86. A nice, long, hot bubble bath 
87. Freshly shaved legs 
88. Waking up slowly, and realizing I don't work that day!
89. Babysitting a friends dog for the weekend {my dog was Sooo jealous}
90. Finding my cat safe and sound after the dog went home {he was hiding}
91. When I walk by my cat, he know swats at me {a little mad are we?}
92. The hilarious names I call my cat {he loves it}
93. Potluck days at work
94. My teeny ipod {love it during hard workouts}
95. Enders Game books
96. Booking trips
97. Dreaming up future trips we'll take
98. Game night with friends
99. Berries - straw, rasp, my yogurt
100. The thought that Spring is just right around the corner!

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