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:: Falling Snow ::

Deep cold, falling snow and's to be expected this time of year.  But there are times when the skies at
sunrise are so clear and bright blue, and they seem to go on and on forever. Lately, I have begun seeing pink
and purple splotches joining the early blue sky. More often then not, though, there are heavy clouds that
conceal the sky, and it is little more than a tempest of blowing white. I arose a few days ago to find that we
were in the middle of such a storm again. Dark day. The complete absence of light. That's what gets me. 
Just getting from my house to my car, then from my car into my workplace-driving and walking through a
blizzard. The cure...when I get to work, I stand for a moment to admire the glory of the storm, the way it
looks on the mighty river and it is breathtaking. I catch a flake on my tongue, have you ever done that? It
tastes like champagne. One thing becomes absolutely certain.
The English language sure could use a few more words for wonders like falling snow.

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