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If you're waiting until you have reached the end of your to do list before you steer off-course a bit, let me assure you that you never will. To me that's like saying your saving up to have a baby. No one can afford a baby either - you just do it. Now is the time to allow a little irresponsibility, to veer off course a little bit, to add a little fun into your life. Leave that e-mail half written, dishes in the sink, because life does indeed move really fast. But, along side that, is the point of this whole thing. You have to be present to get anything at all out of it. We are all guilty of not living in the moment, of always thinking one step ahead, but that simply must end if you are to enjoy any part of your life. Stop feeling guilty over what you could have done, or what might have been, instead, really try to live in the present. This very moment. And no more than that. I know it's not easy. I know it. But you must if you want to live a real and wholesome life. Learn to practice mindfulness. Taste the food you are eating, listen to the sounds that are around you, feel the earth beneath your feet, really concentrate on everything you are doing - and from here on out, just don't let even one precious moment slip by unsavoured.

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